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This is how your site will appear but built with your chosen prefix for your subdomain, and either or   We can also place your logo in the header.   The photos and copy are drag & drop easy to edit and replace with your own photos.  Switch out the photos, slide shows, and videos to  make  your online extension replicate your studio and much as possible.  Try different templates, and combinations of templates and styles to put your own brand on it. 

Login with the student named Ella with password: pliereleveplie7 .  Check out her sample ballet class, home page, and help page.

 If you would like to try an Admin Login, please send the following.

  • Fill out name & email address.
  • Include if you are a studio owner, teacher, or choreographer.
  • The name of one of the studios you own  are employed as a teacher or hired as a choreographer.
  • When your information is verified, we will send you the login that will let you have a look around the full admin dashboard.  You will notice a Studio Owner Page that is only visible to studio owners.  If you  are a Choreographer or Teacher Member your site will have a private Choreographer or Teacher page.  The Help page is left visible for the demo, but can also be hidden from anyone who does not have editing permission.  You can give teachers and/or a staff member partial or full editing privileges. You can add unlimited pages and classes to this site.