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Choreographer’s License

Choreographers License allows you to set up an I Teach Dance Virtual Studio under the following conditions:

The studio owners who hire you must be informed of and agree to their students taking your online classes
You will need a minimum of 8 paid member students using I Teach Dance to keep the site active. Your students pay $15 per month to have access to their online classes taught by you. You receive $10 sent to your account for each student enrolled. I Teach Dance keeps $5.00 from each registration for maintenance, backups, hosting, training, etc.
Add your brand, logo, pictures, & videos. Can be used as your website.
You will allow studio owners and the teachers assigned to teach and/or rehearse your choreography access to those classes. This will help them to more accurately replicate your intended style, technique, and artistry. If the studio is an ITD member, they may supply you with an access link to see the videos of the dancers performing your choreography. Non ITD member studios can send videos of the dancers to you by way of drop box, or you can give a studio instructor access to add videos to your class pages. This is easily edited in your admin dashboard.

You may create an unlimited number of classes including online only classes to reach students all over the world with your choreography and style.