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Studio Owner Pro License

This Studio Owner Pro License Is FREE and puts you in complete control.

You will need a minimum of 8 paid member students using I Teach Dance. Your students pay $15 per month to have access to their online classes taught at your studio. You receive $10 sent to you each month for each student/dancer monthly fee.  I Teach Dance keeps $5.00 for maintenance, backups, hosting, training, etc. The monthly revenue is yours to use at your discretion. If you want your instructors to set up and edit their classes, you may want to use some of the monthly ITD stream to reward them for their efforts. Or you may want to assign one of your staff to set up and edit the classes and only have your instructors create units with videos. Depending on your personal teaching schedule, you may want to have a class assistant take and edit the videos unless you want to do this yourself. Your studio, your way.

You may create an unlimited number of classes. You may also create a separate membership for each dance studio you own, all free of charge. We only get paid when your students sign up to use the service.

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