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Why Studio Owners, Choreographers,Teachers, Dancers, Students & Parents LOVE I Teach Dance!

Set Up is FREE! License is FREE! No Credit Cards Needed To Join! Or, Choose The Original Monthly License Below. No Contracts! Quit Anytime!


Students pay a low monthly fee of $15 to  access all of their online classes 24/7.  You receive $10 sent to your account each month for each student enrolled in your online extension. We keep $5.00 to cover maintenance, backups, hosting, training, and all of the magic, perfection, and customer service you've come to expect from ITD. There is an optional $25 per month Family Pass, allowing family member students 24/7 access to all of their classes.  We return $17.00 to you and keep $8.00 for our expenses.  Each Pro License allows you to set up an I Teach Dance Virtual Studio with unlimited classes and videos. We require a minimum of 8 ITD registered dancers to keep the site active. Your students pay by the month, no contracts, and can quit anytime.  

Pro License Features

FREE For Studio Owners, Teachers, & Choreographers
  • Full Pro - I Teach Dance Page Builder
  • Drag & Drop Templates For Page Building & Class Units
  • Member Login Portal
  • Drag and Drop To Upload Lessons
  • Monitor Attendance
  • Use Your Own Domain Name Or Link To It
  • Training Videos & Phone Support
  • Easily Add Your Own Banner & Logo
  • Maintenance & Backups

Studio Owner Paid Pro License

$30 Per Month
  • Same Features As Above. If you choose to charge your students an access fee to your I T D site, the students will pay YOU directly, This is the original Pro License.

Studio Owner Pro License


Teacher's Individual License


Choreographer's License


*Teachers: Please obtain permission from each of your Dance Studio Owner Employers prior to joining ITD as an individual license holder.

** Choreographers:  Please obtain permission from each of your Dance Studio Owner Clients to invite their students to join your ITD Site.

We agree the best place for your students to learn is your studio

20percent5 3

The 2nd best place is your Virtual Studio

Online Make-Ups, Extra Practice & Study For Exams, Competitions, And Auditions.

20percent57 1

Available To YOUR Students and Dancers on Computers, Tablets, & Smart Phones 24-7

Claudia Dean and students are featured.  Read More

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Your Online Service IS An Extra Income Stream

Our Fabulous New Pricing Is FREE for Dance Studio Owners, Dance Teachers & Choreographers!  You receive ALL of the Benefits of having a virtual dance studio

 PLUS we have monetized this FOR you! 

Full Control Of Portal

Easy To Use Portal puts you in control of details like which instructors and students may gain access to each class. 

Progress Widget

Help your students navigate through the course with our custom sidebar widget. It's dynamic and knows which course the student is viewing while displaying course progress.

Help MORE students Excel

Your online extension makes it possible to offer many of the benefits of dance to gymnasts, cheerleaders, soccer players and others.

Easy Upload Lessons

Teachers may choose to securely upload videos and other media as well as create additional pages within each class.   

Course Outline

You can create a course outline or course progress page. This  dynamic outline shows  the courses to which your students are enrolled and displays their current progress.

Add Quizzes To Your Classes

Add quizzes to any of the class units to help students retain the class content.  Export detailed quiz results as well as require students to complete each unit before moving on to the next. 

Email Notifications

Email students and parents automatically upon class completion, announcing new classes, changing passwords and more!  

Course Certificate

Congratulate your students with a personal yet customizable certificate upon course completion. You can add a custom background, logo, and signature to each certificate. 

Instructor Roles

Assign instructors to create, edit, and manage their courses and students. They only have access to their own classes and class material.


Pat Fields Kilgore has created such an amazing program and she totally needs to move to the head of the class! This is amazing!  I am so impressed with this and suggest you talk to Pat Fields Kilgore and get a tour of the program- i only recommend things i am impressed with and this is one of them! The 2008 economy crash has changed everything and we all need to come up with more "products" to offer to our clients- really take a look at this and don't just scan it- If a child feels bad that they missed classes, they feel embarrassed b/c they don't know choreography etc... they won't return the next year- Retention is everything to me right now.  We all need to change the way we think about our studios.     

Shannon Daw Smith

Shannon's School of Dance, Inc

South Hill, Virginia

MORE testimonials from I Teach Dance members coming soon!  🙂 



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