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I Teach Dance

ITD was designed to address many of the challenges you face as dance educators and choreographers


  • revenue  loss due to absence, illness, snow days, and the added cost of providing in-studio makeup classes.

  • students who are sick are more likely to stay home while they are contagious. and not spread the illness to the rest of the studio.

  • student loss due to parent's perception they are not getting their money's worth, or their child is no longer interested or engaged.

  • a poor performance in the recital due to excessive absences.

  • scheduling conflicts with school activities.

  • prospective students who WANT to study dance AND get to be in cheerleading, school dance team, or a sports team.

  • children and adults who would like to enroll in dance but know they will have to miss many of the weekly classes.

  • how to help all students reach their goals, receive the many benefits of dance  and be able to measure their own progress.


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About Pat


Former professional dancer and dance studio owner, Pat has lived, breathed and loved the art of dance her entire life. As the owner of  Dance Education Songs; she provides dance studios all over the world with dance education songs and choreography created to help little ones learn correct dance technique and syllabi in an easy, fun way. 

In 2011, as Pat worked on new ways to help Dance Studio Owners address and resolve common dance studio challenges, the idea for I Teach Dance was born.  It took a few years of development with many days, nights, weeks, and months of trial and error to create the first iteration released in November of 2014.  Since then, ITD was continually upgraded and improved, increasing functionality and ease of use.  The current version has been shaped and greatly expanded by implementing ideas, wants, and requests of I Teach Dance members whenever possible.  I Teach Dance measures success on how ITD helps your Dance Studio, Students, and Choreography Brand become more effective, productive and successful.

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